First gay parade in Delhi

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Wow, if you know anything about contemporary Indian culture with respect to sexuality and especially homosexuality, that will come as a surprise: The first Gay Pride parade in Delhi did not only take place at all, but was apparently a tremendous success. I have a lot of respect towards the people who organized that, despite being in danger of being attacked.

Interestingly enough, I can’t find any mention of this at Tehelka or the Times of India.

Update 2008-07-03: Still not much news coverage. The Guardian has an article, and has an interesting interview with movie director Deepa Mehta. She shocked India in 1996 with “Fire“, the story of a Lesbian couple, at a time when many believed homosexuality didn’t exist in India. (It’s a great movie, btw!) Years later, the movie still wasn’t shown in most cinemas. When I was in Delhi, I saw it in an open-air screening in the German embassy – behind closed doors.

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