Fête de la Musique weekend

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Oops, just found the beginnings of a post about last weekend in my drafts. Well, we’re one weekend later and I have no idea if any one wants to read this, but now that I’ve started already, here we go.

Last weekend, I took a break from hiking and spent some quality time in the city – it was the weekend of Geneva’s biggest festival, the Fête de la Musique (Festival of Music).  Fête de la Musique, Genève It’s one weekend packed with concerts of all kinds, some open-air, some in classic concert halls, some with orchestras, some by street musicians.  The weather was fabulous, a little too hot even (now it’s really too hot!).

I spent only Saturday evening and a little of Sunday evening on the festival, which is a shame. I managed to pretty much waste my Saturday until the evening with shopping and laundry, by being lazy and unorganized and not feeling too well.  At least Saturday night made up for it.

I slowly wandered through Parc de la Bastion, my favorite park, towards the Old City, stopping all the time to watch people and listen to music. I met an English fellow from a previous Sunday hike there, and we spent the sunset down at the lakeside, then made our way back to Bastion to listen to one of the best sets of electronic music I ever heard.  The two young DJanes, Kyssia and Myssi Sensi, seriously rocked the park.  They covered a pretty broad range from House to Techno with some Drum’n’Bass influences, and were not afraid of adding quite some noise here and there, which made me especially happy :-) They are Geneva locals, and have their own independent label o’xensa, and that’s a site I’ll definitely keep checking for events.

Salève on Fire

Following up on that with a couple of refreshing beers made sure that this Sunday’s hike wasn’t going to happen for me. Which was fine, because my coworker Jerven had organized a picnic at the lakeside, where we happily spent the whole afternoon doing nothing.

As you can see, I had, of course, my new camera with me.  Some shots turned out pretty nice, but most of them have problems with sharpness, focus, or lighting.  I still have a lot to learn, and the SLR doesn’t do as much hand-holding as the compact one.  But it’s great fun.

So much to do!

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It’s horrible. There’s so much to do, and so little time. What, at work? No, on the weekends, of course!

Starting next Tuesday and ending the following weekend, there’s the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival. “The Swiss event for fantastic films, Asian cinema and future images”? – I’m sold. And I’ve never been to Neuchâtel, about an hour from here, anyway, so that should make a nice weekend trip.

Sunday at the Lake
During the whole of July and August, Geneva hosts the Musiques En Été (summer music) festival. In various venues, among them the old courtyard of the town hall in the Old City, jazz and classical concerts are hosted.

Also in July and August, OrangeCinema brings open-air cinema directly at the lake. Just look at the photos on the site! Amazing.

Since the Love Parade, every city must have a similar event, contrived or not. In Geneva, it’s, unsurprisingly, called Lake Parade and will be on July 12th this year. Well, there might be some good electronic music, making me have a look although it’s not exactly my kind of event.

No, I’m not finished yet! Two more to go!

Sunday at the Lake
From July 31st to August 10th 2008, Geneva hosts the Geneva Festival 2008. It’s an official event organized by the City’s institutions, and seems to offer a broad range of events. August 1st is the Swiss national holiday, so at least on this day there should be some interesting happenings.

Finally, August 29th to September 13th will see a festival called La Bâtie. From looking at the website, I honestly am not sure what that’s about, but it sure looks interesting. Music, dance, modern art, and lots of chicken and roosters running around. Look at the video on the page if that sounds weird to you :-)

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