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First a very short update for my poor regular readers: I’m really too busy to blog here, it seems. I feel bad about it, though, and will improve on this. Monday to Friday I really don’t do anything exciting, because apartment hunting takes up quite a bit of time in addition to work. Well, that is exciting, in fact. It’s really difficult in Geneva and probably deserves a post on its own! Add to that the usual everyday stuff and studying French a little, and there’s not much time left. However, I did start to follow one of my passions on the last two weekends: hiking!

Monnaz, Lac Léman

Starting with a short and pleasant hike at Lac Léman (Lake Geneva/Genfer See), I did a round trip starting in Morges, between Genève and Lausanne. Clocking in at around 2.5 hours, it leads through a lovely scenery where vineyards, pastures, and little villages alternate. There’s no need to describe the route in detail here, as it’s recommended by the Morges tourist office and thus marked and signposted pretty well. You can get a copy of a map with the route and a short description there. The hike starts at the train station, which is just five minutes from the lake, and leads to the villages of Joulens and Monnaz (lovely!), with great views over the lakes. From Monnaz, it crosses the valley to reach the castle of Vufflens (not open to the public). From there, it leads back in a similar fashion via the village Denes. Alternatively, follow the valley between Monnaz and Vufflen for a straight route back to Morges. It’s a pleasant footpath along the creek, and shady.

near Morges, Lac Léman

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