Beste Suchanfragen

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Zur Feier des 10.000sten Besuchs, hier die besten Suchanfragen, die irgendwen hierher geführt haben:

  • selbstmordrate studenten karlsruhe
  • tibetische schlampe
  • i don’t know what my thesis is about




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If you’re at least a semi-regular reader, you might have been annoyed by the rather wild mix of topics on this blog.  India-related things, personal news, and technological stuff followed in random order. Finally, I decided to clean this up.  Having several blogs, however, is too much of a hassle.  Instead, I’ll use categories. I have in fact already done that all the time, but I’d like to post another remainder as well as an explanation of how it works.  The most important thing first: if you’re not interested in this category business, there’s no need to read on.  Everything will work as previously, and you’ll get all my posts on the main page of this blog.

The main categories will be, for a start:

  • life: about me.  Expect more practical news rather than introspective diary-like entries. RSS news feed.
  • geneva: logging my explorations of my new city and its surroundings. RSS news feed.
  • tech: all things software development. RSS news feed.
  • india: From February to August 2007 I wrote my Master’s thesis as an exchange student at IIT Delhi, India. While I was in India, I blogged mainly about my “India experience” here. During that time, I wrote in German, as most of my friends and relatives are German and not all speak English well enough to read an English language blog. Since I returned, I blog about India once in a while in English. RSS news feed.

When you click on a category, you will notice that it reflects in the URL in the browser’s address field.  So, if you’re only interested in one or two categories, bookmark the categorized address and go straight there.

I hope this is not too complicated, and you will continue to drop by. Please leave a comment once in a while, I’m always happy to find one!


Photo blog recommendation: Trivial Matters

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I just have to share this photo blog about India I discovered yesterday with you.  Mumbai-based Akshay Mahajan writes Trivial Matters, and his photos are simply extraordinary.  Along with them go insightful and beautiful texts.  So, if you’re at all interested in India, that’s a blog to check out.

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