Hike: Lac de Gers

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Yes, more hiking! Sorry if you’re fed up with it already (or just envious??). Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short. I’m just really happy that I manage to get out to the mountains every Sunday so far, with some nice people sharing this passion.

Glocals hike with Phillip - Lac de Gers Glocals hike with Phillip - Lac de Gers

Last week, the lake Lac de Gers [fr] in the mountains around the curiously named, but really beautiful village Sixt Fer à Cheval in the French Haute-Savoie region was our destination. To be honest, the hike isn’t that spectacular. It starts with a steep ascent, then follows some idyllic meadows with grazing cows towards the lake at the end of the high valley. There’s a cheese dairy, restaurant, and mountain hut all in one. It’s probably due to the again very obscured view that I didn’t find it that exciting, although I must say that it has everything a classic relaxed hike must have. It follows a beautiful river with some waterfalls, there are cows, a mountain lake with the characteristic stillness and mirror-like reflection, and a cool beer at the end.

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